Feminine and Free

God and Women      feminine by designCoequal and counterbalanced

I’ve been reading a new series on the role of women by Dr. John D. Garr called the “Feminine and Free Series”. All I can say is WOW. Let me say that backwards: WOW! The great amount of scholarship, time, and detail in this series has been blowing me away.

Dr. Garr initially wanted to write a single book that would express the Hebraic role of biblical womanhood for believers in Messiah. However, his ongoing research and writing has led to 6 full volumes on the subject of women with 2 other books that are asides to this topic!! WOW is the only word I can use to describe Dr. Garr’s diligence. It surpasses my understanding and stamina by great lengths and bounds. I pray that he is immensely blessed for standing and fighting for the often silenced half of Messiah’s body!

My study in this series is only just beginning, but my initial reaction to these books are very positive. Dr. Garr writes and promotes biblical womanhood in a very balanced and enlightening manner. He carefully follows proper biblical hermeneutics and examines the text from Genesis (the foundation) through the Brit Chadashah (N.T.). Paradigms from the Hebrew and other world cultures are also analyzed to reveal the “root” of woman’s plot throughout the centuries since the fall. If you do nothing else with this post, at least take the time to read the prologue from the first book in this series entitled, God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness by clicking the link below.


John Garr Feminine and Free Series


As far as I can tell, only the first 3 books in this series have been released. Support the many daughters of the King and start reading this series!


You can purchase copies at any of these websites:

Hebraic Christian Global Community

Heart of Wisdom


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