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The Creation Gospel Workbook One: New Class

* This class is now closed. *

If you are a faithful reader of Grace in Torah, you have been exposed to The Creation Gospel paradigm as it often pops up in my writing. If I could recommend only one book or Bible study for you (outside of Scripture itself) it would be this workbook. In it, you will see the Gospel proclaimed in the seven creation days, in the seven Spirits of Adonai (Is. 11:1-2), the seven feast days, and even in the message to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. At its core, The Creation Gospel is a thematic study of the Holy Spirit. (Learn more below.)

Dr. Hollisa Alewine, the author of The Creation Gospel, certified me as a trainer in 2011. Over the years, I have generally taught the workbook to groups in live settings. But since the pandemic, I have hosted and taught many Zoom classes for Workbook One. And most recently, I taught a Creation Gospel workshop at Revive 2022.

This Thursday (August 11th, 2022), we are starting a new online class for Dr. Alewine’s foundational work. And, it will be the last that I will personally be teaching for a while (though, there will be opportunities with other trainers – you can email me for information about these too).

The classes will be held most Thursday evenings at 7pm Eastern time via Zoom. The full class schedule is posted in our private BAND group, which is a private platform for all class communication, invitations, and recordings. All sessions will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend live classes.

To sign up, simply email me at and request an invitation to the Creation Gospel class/private group. The class is free aside from the cost of the workbook. So, sign up now for an in-depth Bible study like no other! I hope to see you there.

EDITED: I’ve turned comments off for this post – please email me at for an invite to the class. 

Learn More in this excerpt from Dr. Alewine’s website:

About The Creation Gospel Series

THE CREATION is described in the oldest and most reliably copied text of the ages, the Scriptures; starting with the Torah (the Five Books of Moses), it is also referenced in the Prophets, the Psalms, the Writings, and in the Renewed Covenant (New Testament). In Genesis (Bereshit), which means “in the beginning,” the text first describes the Creation within 7 one-day segments. It is that precise recording of each day’s creation that is the focus of The Creation Gospel. The spirit God, who is first recorded by the name Elohim in Genesis, directed His Spirit in a plan calculated to bring the physical vessels of creation into unity with His Holy Spirit. The 7 spirits of God that were prophesied to rest upon the Shoot of Jesse in Isaiah 11 are the same spirits of the Creation, yet they are one creative and Holy Spirit.

The 7 spirits upon the Messiah are placed within a specific day of creation. Once activated within that boundary, that spirit will continue to work, not in isolation from, but in unity with the other spirits. From this unity, Israel derives the statement of faith and greatest commandment, “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is One.”

The second commandment is like unto it, which is to love one’s neighbor as himself. As the 7 spirits of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) work together in the life of the believer, not losing a specific identity as the Spirit of Wisdom or the Spirit of Power, yet finding greater effectiveness and peace in unity, so we do not lose our identity as individuals in the Body of Messiah, yet we find greater creativity, effectiveness, and peace in unity.

The Israelites received feast days (moedim) and a holy Sabbath when they received the everlasting covenant of the Torah. The Creation, however, transmitted the knowledge of the feast days and holy days that preceded the making of the covenant with Israel. Even Cain and Abel knew the festival seasons, days, and Sabbaths of Elohim because they were established from Creation. It is evident that the creative spirit of Elohim is still renewing the earth through these moedim. Satan’s sin, as described by the Prophet Isaiah, was to exalt himself above these times and seasons, a trait that identifies the Spirit of Antichrist. Since Yeshua is the Word of Creation made flesh, the festival times and seasons are His Spirit working in physical vessels to effect individual, family, congregational, and planetary growth in the Word and gospel.

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