Torah Portions

For a complete list of the Torah Portions (readings), I recommend First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ). They create a free downloadable chart that can be printed each year, and their website offers great outlines and commentaries.

Below, I have linked to articles that I have written that relate to particular portions. I hope to add to this list as time allows. This post gives a brief introduction to the haftarah portions. 

Bereshit (Genesis)

Bereshit (Gen. 1:1-  6:8)  The Rivers of Eden, In the Beginning: LIGHT

Noach (Gen. 6:9 – 11:32; Is. 54:1-55:5) Like the Days of Noah

Vayera (Gen. 18:1-22:24) Haftarah Vayera

Vayishlach (Gen. 32:3- 36:43)  Deborah the Bee Part I (Focus on Gen. 35:8)

Haftarah Miketz: Cutting the Baby in Half

Shemot (Exodus)

Beshalach (Ex.13:17-17:16) A New CreationWarring with Amalek Part I, Shabbat Shirah

Mishpatim (Ex. 21:1-24:18) Warring with Amalek Part III,  Insult or Inspiration? (Outside link with commentary on slavery & polygamy by Dr. Hollisa Alewine, Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, and Mariela Perez-Rosas.)

Vayikra (Leviticus)

Vayikra and Tzav (Lev. 1:1- 8:36)

Shemini (Lev.9:1-11:47)   Chewing the Cud (Focus on Lev. 11)

Tazria and M’tzora (Lev. 12:1- 15:33)

Emor (Lev. 21:1- 24:23)

B’ Har (Lev. 25:1- 26:2)

B'midbar (Numbers)

B’midbar (Num. 1:1-4:20) Know Your Place (Focus on placement)  Parched Ground (Explores the Hebrew word midbar, wilderness)

Nasso (Num. 4:21- 7:89)

B’ha’alotecha (Num. 8:1- 12:16)

Shlach L’cha (Num. 13:1- 15:41)

Korach (Num. 16:1- 18:32)

Balak (Num. 22:2- 25:9)  The Teaching of Balaam

Pinchas (Num. 25:10- 30:1)  The Teaching of Balaam

Mattot and Massei (Num. 30:1- 36:13)

D'varim (Deuteronomy)


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