My studies on women have led me to the unfortunate discovery of a hidden worldwide epidemic: human trafficking. If you’re like me, you once believed that our modern era had eradicated human slavery — at least in first world countries. But the truth is that there are more people enslaved today than there were in the 1800s. In fact, it is estimated that 27 million people are living a life of forced servitude. 27 million is the size of an average COUNTRY.

Many are sex slaves caught in the ever growing demand for prostitution and pornography. Most in the latter group are children and teenagers. Are you sick to your stomach yet? Don’t stick your head in sand. Don’t look away. Get educated. Make others aware. Force yourself to look and do something about it.

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“The tide of history is turning women from beasts of burden 
and sexual playthings into full-fledged human beings.”  
― Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky



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5 thoughts on “Trafficking

  1. Ann

    This confirms the desire in me to pay attention to the moon and try to live the festivals accordingly. Otherwise the Holy Spirit is quenched and we become stagnant.

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  2. Child trafficking – making a profit off of children – is more common than many would like to admit. Placing children in foster care when their lives are not in danger is one example. That is using children to support a huge industry. And children from a foster care background are 60% more likely to end up in the sex trade. We use our children in many ways in our widespread culture, but in the Torah pursuant culture we live things like “Torah is not for me, it is for my children.” if only Torah was the standard.

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    • Amen. When I posted about trafficking years ago, I had no idea how deep and wide this pit really is. It’s heart breaking. But, our God is still on the Throne and He loves each afflicted soul. We weekly pray for children and others that are in this type of bondage. Even Jacob’s beloved son, Joseph, was sold and trafficked by his own brothers. I was writing about him today on Cheshvan 11th, the traditional day of remembrance for the death of his mother, Rachel.

      “Joseph’s story is Messiah’s story. I cry every year when I read Vayigash (And he drew near – Gen. 44:18 – 47:27). Judah draws near to Joseph and begs for the life of Benjamin. Joseph is testing them to see how they will deal with the other son of “Rachel.” This time, Judah is ready to sell himself into slavery to keep Benjamin safe and near their father, Jacob. Realizing that they have changed, Joseph can no longer contain himself. He bursts into big, sloppy, loud weeping. So loud in fact, that the Egyptians can hear him. I can relate to a cry like that.”

      I’m not only praying for the children and men and women being trafficked, but also for those that buy, sell, and enable these atrocities. May Adonai change their hearts and bring them to repentance. And may we truly learn to walk the Torah, not just the letter, but the Spirit.


  3. Debbie

    Good day
    I think I did asked before, but do you have teachings or info of organs? Generally and or spiritual
    Blessings Debbie


  4. Sunshine

    I work with Human trafficking victims. This is my Kingdom Calling. Human trafficking is the Number One Pandemic in the world. In America parents are selling children young ages such as 4 years old. But the sad part is that, I am founding out those who are running organization to help the victims have no clue. Just like the lukewarm churches, they are running program without the Lord or the Holy Spirit. The girls come and run back to same thing. However, I know the Lord God is raising up remnants who will walk as Messiah walked and not only cast out demons from all the traumatized victims but will restore them. The body of Messiah needs to wake up and fight back against this evil pandemic. Thank you for speaking out loud about it. First we must make the people in this country aware what is going on. Next we work on prevention and rescuing. I believe the current government in USA is so corrupt that they are behind it most trafficking and human sacrificing and abortion. Let us pray, Let us arise. Let us expose. Let us rescue and restore.


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