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Introduction to Misparim

We use numbers to understand the universe around us. We calculate, measure, organize, record, and estimate with numbers. Everything from time to music and even our bank account pin codes are regulated by numbers — no matter your spoken language. But numerals measure more than the natural things, they also have great spiritual significance and symbolism. Without numbers, much of the Bible would be meaningless and prophetic dreams or visions indiscernible.

Some people believe that man invented numbers in order to make sense of the world. Thus, they suggest that numbers have no other worldly or spiritual significance. Others conclude that since mathematics measures all things, numbers must be the one true universal language. But still others (like the ancient Sages), believe that “numbers relate to the Divine design embedded within creation”.[1] From the very beginning, YHWH spoke to us using numbers to quantify and distinguish one thing from another. Thus, as the Master and Creator of the Universe, YHWH alone is the inventor of all numerals, counting, calculating, measuring, building, and the like.

The above articles do NOT imply that numbers have some sort of magical influence over the lives of people or creation, nor do they suggest that numbers have a mind or will of their own. Instead, they are meant to be tools that illuminate and express spiritual truths from the Bible and our (spiritual) lives. Just as the ancient pictographs behind Hebrew letters help one to discern the deeper implication behind biblical words and concepts, numbers  help one to understand the relationship between a person, place, thing, idea, or an action and how it is being quantified. In other words, when we thoroughly search out a particular number in the Bible, it becomes increasingly evident that God doesn’t use numbers randomly,[2] but by divine design. Knowing these things not only helps one to better understand the Word of God, but also God given dreams and visions. [3]

[1] Jewish Wisdom in the Numbers. 1st ed. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Mesorah, 2013. 25.

[2] For example, on average, one in every five verses in the Bible contains a number.

[3] List of resources:

The Creation Gospel by Dr. Hollisa Alewine

In His Own Words: Messianic Insights Into the Hebrew Alphabet (Revised and Expanded) by L. Grant Luton

Jewish Wisdom In the Numbers

Number in Scripture Publisher: Kregel Classics

Understanding the Dreams You Dream Revised and Expanded

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet: The Sacred Letters As a Guide to Jewish Deed and Thought (Artscroll Mesorah)

Many works by Jeff Benner: Ancient-Hebrew.org

Understanding Dreams and Visions Workshop by John Paul Jackson at

Stream MinistriesAdvanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions by John Paul Jackson at Streams Ministries


More Resources on the Mystical Aspects of the Hebrew Alephbet

The Alef-Beit: Jewish Thought Revealed through the Hebrew Letters by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Why the Torah Begins With the Letter Beit by Michael J. Alter

The Secrets of Hebrew Words by Benjamin Blech

More Secrets of Hebrew Words: Holy Days and Happy Days by Benjamin Blech

Letters of Fire by Matityahu Glazerson

The Book of Letters: A Mystical Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

Letters Of Light: A Mystical Journey Through The Hebrew Alphabet by Aaron L. Raskin

Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters by Robert M. Haralick

The Energy of the Hebrew Letters by Rav Berg

Understanding The Alef Beis by Dovid Leitner

The Hebrew Letters: Channels of Creative Consciousness by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh (Author), Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman (Editor), Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Wisnefsky (Editor)

Hebrew 1-100


11 thoughts on “Misparim

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  2. Andrew H

    HI there
    As a lover of Hebrew and supporter of Israel and the scriptures I am wondering if there is a definitive book of Hebrew numbers and their use with the Torah or adding another layer of textual understanding? A website is cool of course but a book would be awesome as I really want to explore this area much more!

    Andrew H

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for visiting Grace in Torah. 😊 I’ve listed some resources at the bottom of this post (Misparim), but as to a definitive book or source, I haven’t found one that encompasses all the aspects I’d prefer. The posts I’ve made on Hebrew numerals are an ongoing compilation from my own studies. If I stumble upon a great resource, you can believe I’ll post a review about it. 😊



  3. Andrew H

    Thanks very kindly for your time and response! I will read through the posts and keep on my lifelong search! I guess you would need at least 6-10 books to start to really cover enough breadth on a deep subject!
    Kind regards
    Andrew H

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  4. Renee

    That’s a lovely video! Instructive and fun! It’s nice to see all the different faces of tel aviv!

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Barbara

    I’m new to the Truth of my Creator Yahuah and my Savior Yahusha who warned us about the FAKE jews, who claim to be jews and are not. I can’t wait until the whole world finds out who the Real Chosen People of Yahuah are. I hope I’m still around to see it. Seek Yah and His Son Yahusha!! Shalom 🤗


    • Shalom Barbara,

      I’m not sure who you think the “fake” Jews are or who you identify as the “Real Chosen People,” but I do know that there are a multitude of so called “believers” that have been seduced by a spirit that engenders suspicion, fear, doubt, hate, and antisemitism. They wear a mask of holiness, but their tongues sow poison into the hearts and minds of those that don’t know better. The synagogue of satan (accuser) has a very real historical context, but it doesn’t suit the agenda of this spirit.

      The Pharisaical House of Hillel often referred to the other Pharisaical House of Shammai as sons of the devil, synagogue of satan, etc. because the latter was very anti-Gentile. The House of Hillel was much more accepting of those from the nations, so it’s a good thing that they and not the House of Shammai became the progenitors of Rabbinic Judaism. Sadly, ignorance of this simple fact and other historical and cultural realities of the first century drives a lot of hate filled messages and conspiracies about the Jewish people. For a simple crash course on this, I recommend Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s book Pharisee: Friend or Foe?

      With the redemption, comes judgement. The man of sin will be revealed and is even now being revealed as surely as the Son of Man is. May we be found to be lovers of mercy, compassion, and truth. May we not be found to be liars because we have hate in our hearts towards our neighbor. May we forgive those that have transgressed against us and be forgiven for our own ignorance and sin. Rather than being an accuser, may we be filled with wisdom from above.

      “The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.”  Jam. 3:17-18 (NASB)

      Shalom and blessings to your house,
      K. Gallagher


      • Rita

        What a lovely reply, Kisha!
        I do admire you for your great knowledge, passion to share and your humble nature.

        I agree completely that we shall not judge. However I’ve been wondering if those who call themselves Jews but are not, simply refers to the more militant branch of Black Hebrew movement.
        I bumped into a livestream once and I was stunned by the live comments of the audience. Clearly a lot of them regarded themselves as the real Jews.

        All I can do is that God leads them, and all of us, on the right path. Jews, non-Jews and those who claim they’re the real Jews. None of us can boast about anything we are.
        It’s all about the Grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

        I’m very troubled when I hear about Orthodox Jews being attacked in Bronx, NY or herassed on the tube in London.

        I hope you join me and pray that the aspect of Grace becomes more clear in the world.

        God bless you! Stay safe!


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  8. Simple

    honestly, this is my first time of coming across your write ups. To be frank with you I’m here because of an assignment on Hebrew numerals. however, the comments and your replies move me towards following you. I think there are lots to learn from you, not only in terms of scripture but religion in general. should we all see things the way you do, i don’t think we will be having most of the troubles we have in our world today. thank you. may the almighty bless you, may He grant us at least a little of the knowledge you posses to sprayed peace, love and unity in our troubled world. thank you.

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