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book-coverThis page is devoted to celebrating the new moon. It is based on local gatherings and my book, The Biblical New Moon: A Guide for Celebrating. The book is designed for beginners, but also has ideas for seasoned feast keepers.

Each month as we continue to gather and celebrate, YHWH reveals truth and renews our understanding of His appointed time. I will periodically add new information about the months to this page and links to teachings associated with the new moon that have been helpful to our meetings.


Audio teaching on the new moon and the book, hosted by Women of Valor and Jane Diffenderfer.

Boundary Stones (free file download)

The group that I meet with every month is usually just women (and sometimes children). When the the new moon occurs on Shabbat, we typically have a family style meeting. Many of my stories and suggestions are a direct result of the experiences, blessings, answered prayers, testimonies, trials, and tests that our group has underwent after determining to meet the Creator at the beginning of every month. However, I also receive emails from a variety of groups that gather at the new moon that includes families and fellowships.

Regardless of the group type, they all involve people. People, even Believers, are flesh and blood humans. We have a tendency to wreak havoc when in pain, duress, or are simply immature. This reality and much feedback inspired the following document called Boundary Stones. It became evident that a standard needed to be set to keep order, unity, and love at the forefront of meetings. All our of gatherings should be a safe place.

These guidelines help to protect members from outsiders with agendas, but even more importantly they help one to keep their own flesh in check. You are free to use this file as is or as a template to create a boundary stones document for your own group. We read the points in the acronym at the beginning of our meetings.

Boundary Stones for Groups Updated!

More Info on Hebrew Months

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