Rosh Chodesh Aviv 2020 (5780)

Happy New Year! It’s the head of the months, the season of our freedom! But, there is a lot of shaking and uncertainty in the world at this time. Should we be worried? Afraid? Messiah says, “Look up! Your redemption draws nigh.” I hope this video encourages you and fills you with hope in this dark hour.


My sister and her daughter bringing in the New Year of Months Aviv 2020. Photo by John McVoy
My sister and her daughter bringing in the New Year of Months Aviv 2020. Photo by John McVoy
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9 thoughts on “Rosh Chodesh Aviv 2020 (5780)

  1. Colleen Martin

    Shalom Kisha,
    Thank you for all you do and bring to the Body. So many of the folk who have done, and are currently studying the Creation Gospel course, so enjoy your posts.
    Each time a new post comes from you, I share the link on the Telegram groups. (We have come of Whatsapp). Some folk are on restricted data on cellphone contracts, and so appreciate the notes you supply to accompany the videos. Is there any chance of being able to supply the notes to go with this video, please?

    Shalom shalom and todah rabah for all you do.


  2. sedeneve

    Kisha-Last year’s video was good and this one was so good too! I love seeing how all his cycles and themes fit together for our times. Thanks so much!


  3. angela Guthjahr

    Thank you, your video was awesome! This will be celebrated at our dinner this evening!!! God bless! Angela

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  4. maggz316

    Wow!!! found this page not on mistake but on searching for biblical numbers & I have to say I thought I’d check the latest post. I’m blown away and happy I was lead here. This is what I feel the Lord is saying in this hour!!! Just more Confirmation.


  5. I was listening to the Nisan 2020 video again and at that point about the crown and authority made me think again of this past Sukkot. Covid went through the camp and our area at that time. I had just read in another book about the smaller constellations in the sky during the Hebrew months and for the 7th month one of them is Corona! So of course you can’t help but see that connection, but listening to this again has me thinking more about who we put in authority and that fear aspect.

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    • Wow! I didn’t even think about that, Erica! 😲 Thanks for sharing. Now, I’m going to have to look that up in the books I have on the stars too, lol.


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