Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5779 (2018)

Though we are well into the 10th month of Tevet, I’ve just now been able to rerecord the video. Audio only versions are posted below the videos. (Also, I’m considering posting pdfs of my video notes in the future for those that prefer to read, but they would be in a raw format. If you’re interested in this, post so below.)

We are in the midst of the “Good Month” and I have many good reports to share with you about the Holy Land, but I haven’t had time since returning to even upload all of my pictures and videos. For now, know that Abba is doing GOOD things in the Land and in us. I know the labor pains are difficult, but the reward will be worth every contraction, every tear, and every drop of sweat!

Enjoy! May the rest of your month be blessed!

Part one is the “short” version, but is also the intro to Part 2 for those that want a lengthier message.

Tevet 1 Audio Only

Tevet 2 Audio Only

P.S. I’d like to give special thank you to those of you that have donated recently to Grace in Torah! I pray Adonai returns these gifts to you many times over.

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10 thoughts on “Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5779 (2018)

  1. Elkins

    Oh my that was  sooooooo good, I wish u cud put all these into a book! To help us prepare for each month. Then later maybe u cud do a devotional lol OK maybe a weekly not daily ;)I’m do glad I was advised by someone I respected not to get on social media, obviously I miss a lot but sounds like I’m better off, besides with a farm n animals I don’t have time. But I love yours n holisssa n bill clouds stuff 😉 ze maspeek זה מספק, its enough 🙂 Blessings!PS do u have time to come to Seymour to speak to a new Torah study group? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    • Thank you, Miketz! It is a blessing for you to be busy with the farm. The only thing I enjoy on social media is seeing friends and family pictures, connecting with family, and our local groups. 😜 I’ll contact you via email about Seymour. I have dear friends that live there, so I’m in that area a lot.

      Love, Kisha


  2. Rachelle Goode

    I would be interested in reading the raw format of you videos. Thank you for considering those of us who are visual learners.
    Shalom Shalom

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  3. jbstan7

    the Mussar prompt on Patience—place a distance between the match and the fuse!! love this and the ‘anger’ of this Biblical month surely can see wisdom in this little phrase!!

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  4. goodnewsfromadistantland

    I also would appreciate reading your notes. The videos are great, but reading your notes is more ‘my thing’ 🙂 I know it would mean extra work on your part, but thank you for considering to offer your notes.

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  5. Saara

    I like notes because I can scroll back and forth (up and down lol) to reconnect ideas etc.

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