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Solomon'sTempleAs I’ve been working on my new posts on the Role of Women, there are a couple of people I’d like to bring to your attention. Each in their own way is doing great work in their sphere of ministry and influence.

The first is my new friend, Julie Aydlotte. She gave a wonderful teaching at the House of David Fellowship in Richmond, VA back in September of 2014. It is entitled “The Weightier Matters of Torah”. It is an audio message with a downloadable pdf accompaniment. It is the first message on this page. I do hope you will take the time to listen to this timely and tender message. Julie truly speaks as a mother to Israel and with the Spirit of Sacrificial Love (Da’at). She is a builder in the Kingdom with a message that needs to be heard. Enjoy!

The second person I’d like to commend is Dr. John Garr. I have mentioned his work before, but after reviewing the books I have of his on the role of women, I must reiterate the importance of his contributions to the Kingdom —especially in bringing restoration to the daughters of the King! In his Feminine and Free Series, Dr. Garr has added a tremendous amount of research and scholarship on the function and role of females. The depth of his research is unmatched by any other resource I have been able to find. Admittedly, his books are rather dry (he is very scholarly), but his research is impeccable. If you want to understand every little nuance of the Biblical language regarding women with sound historical, scientific, and cultural research to back it up, then by all means get this series! The footnotes alone are worth the price of his books!

I think Dr. Garr’s contribution on women will become a great authority in the future. As our daughters are restored and strengthened, the whole Body will walk in more fullness, Spirit, and Truth.

I have several posts in the works, but the past two months have proved to be very busy at my house. (: Thank you for your patience, your encouragement, and your continued prayers. Also know that you are always in my prayers as well. May YHWH bless you and keep you, dear readers!


Here are three books in Dr. Garr’s series:

God and Women

Feminine By Design

Coequal and Counterbalanced

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12 thoughts on “Builders of the House

  1. Will check them out – i’m usually a bit suspect of men’s interpretations of the role of women. Thank you for bringing the books to my attention.

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  2. I am not familiar with these books, but have read other books by this author such as, “The Hem of His Garment.”

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    • Chaya, I think you would enjoy his books on women too. They are far more in depth in length and volume than the Hem of His Garment. (Though I enjoyed that one too years ago.) You’ll have to come back and let me know what you think once you’ve read one. 🙂


      • I did listen to an audio of his about the role of women, and mostly I recall that he spoke about how misinterpretation of bible verses led to abuse and limitation of women in the church.


  3. Amen on the John Garr books! The only thing I have ever found that I disagree with him on (and my copies of the three above are highlighted and heavily marked up from much use) is that in Coequal and Counterbalanced, he says that, “In reality, both man and woman are ezer kenegdo to each other…”

    I once had a conversation with Skip Moen about Dr. Garr’s view on it, and he vehemently disagreed, too (that we’re ezer kenegdo to each other), which made me think I wasn’t just being overly nit-picky. Abba made one *for* this purpose and one who *needs* this purpose.

    Now my only problem is…*when* is the next book in the series coming out???? I’m so eager to read the next three…

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    • Julie,

      I agree that the woman is definitely the ezer kenegdo in marriage. So, I don’t like that Dr. Garr uses that terminology for the male either. However, I do believe that as women we also have need of correction and guidance. I wonder if that’s why Dr. Garr phrased it that way? To simply make a point? I can’t know his mind, but based on the rest of his material, that’s what I assume he was getting at. After reading Guardian Angel, it is obvious that the ezer function cannot be assigned to the male. This much is certain. 🙂

      I have no idea when Dr. Garr plans to publish his other books in this series. It’s been a while now. Like you, I’m super eager to read them! Especially the one where he puts the whole series into “summary” form. I have a feeling it may be the best for mass consumption. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad my readers can see your points on the ezer with Dr. Moen’s input. 🙂



      • Yes, I would agree there are distinctives in role, although there is also crossover. Some aspects of the male role are to leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, to accept and validate the women’s role as ezer k’negdo and to avad and shamar (work/cultivate/serve/labor and keep/preserve/protect/take charge over, act as doorkeeper) of the things God has provided for him and his family. He is to remember, as the word for male in Hebrew is zachar, which means, “to remember.” I believe he is to be the yad (man = ish = alef, yud, shin) the one focused as the more active force in the area of what one does with one’s hands, the material aspects of life. The yud can also be a closed fist, which would represent the active force of protection. The woman, isha = aleph, shin, heh, acts as the window, providing direction, inspection, guidance, inspiration and revelation. The word for female in Hebrew is, “neqavah,” which means, to pierce, scrutinize, distinguish, bore through.

        I can imagine that Garr wants to avoid the doctrine of complementarianism, which is sort of a, “separate but unequal.” I don’t think egalitarian needs to be synonymous with identical.

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        • Agreed Chaya!

          The Ish and Ishshah is quite a fascinating topic. Dr. Alewine has some very interesting teachings on these. Hopefully, I’ll share some soon. 🙂 Based on what I’ve read from Garr, I think your assessment is spot on. He is certainly not a complementarian, nor does he believe our equality means we must be identical. Which is a breath of fresh air compared to the direction secular feminism seems to be taking. Equality doesn’t mean women need to become more masculine or men need to become more feminine. Adonai knew what He was doing from the Beginning — and their was no hierarchy. 🙂



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