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This year I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the Women of Valor 2014 conference. It was a blessed time to say the least. I met so many mighty women of faith during this early January conference in Nashville, TN. I am overwhelmed with the out pouring of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) upon His precious daughters. He is truly uniting and equipping us for such a time as this.

You each are so very unique and special. Your stories and encouragement have blessed me immensely. Thank you for being the women the Father created you to be. I know we are all on a journey as we “walk in the Way” — and I, for one, am blessed to be walking it out with YOU!

If you attended my break-out session titled “Ezer Kenegdo — God’s Design for Women” and want to explore it further, you may click here for a page with a list of my posts on this topic. The 7 part series entitled “The Biblical Role of Women” is the teaching I directed to you in class. This series explores the ezer kenegdo and the eshet chayil. I welcome any comments or suggestions. (:

I will be starting a new series on women in the future that will hopefully help us to walk out our vital role with integrity and balance. If you would like to receive these posts in your inbox, click the link to follow my blog. Or you may “like” Grace in Torah’s Facebook page and new posts will appear in your news feed. Both of these options are found in the menu column to the left, just scroll down until you see them.

May you have a blessed and prosperous new year!

Kisha (Yiska) Gallagher

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4 thoughts on “Women of Valor 2014

  1. Nice

    Next year in Yerushalayim… I mean Nashville! LOL. Keep us the good writing my friend and my sister!


  2. Esther Whitaker

    So grateful I had the privilege of attending Women of Valor. The storm had us “stranded” in Clarksville, Indiana, just over the line from Louisville, Kentucky. It took us about 6 1/2 hours to go what is normally about 3 hours or less to get home today. Wow! It is so good to finally be home. Thanks so much for your break away session and all the work you have done on the series here on your blog! Yah bless!


    • I’m so glad you finally made it home safely! I just beat the weather as I headed out east on Sunday. Thanks for your kind words; be blessed sweet sister.


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