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Oil For Chanukah

In 2022, Chanukah begins on the evening of December 18, and ends the evening of December 26.

There is so much prophecy surrounding the Chanukah story! “The abomination of desolation” that Yeshua spoke of in Matthew 24 comes directly from Daniel’s prophecies that were fulfilled in the days of the Maccabees. Since prophecy is cyclical, with greater and lesser fulfillments, understanding the Chanukah story (and Purim for that matter) is critical to understanding the things that unfold in the Book of Revelation and the latter days. These stories give a blueprint of what the spirit of antichrist seeks to do and how he goes about accomplishing his will. But even more importantly, these accounts describe the righteous acts of the saints and how to be an overcomer.

What is the history of Chanukah? Is Chanukah Biblical? Should we avoid using the eight branched Chanukiah? Is Chanukah pagan? Does the Torah allude to Chanukah? Is observing Chanukah “adding to the Torah”? Is Chanukah an important commemoration? Did Yeshua keep Chanukah or speak about the Maccabees?

Use the guide below to read the accounts and decide for yourself. Rather than writing a teaching article, the following pdf requires one to study. Our minds are much more likely to retain information if we have sought the answers out through discovery. A lot of the study texts and questions either directly or indirectly relate to some of the most common objections to celebrating Chanukah. Others ask you to read the history of Chanukah, examples of dedication, or prophecy. At the end, there are some seasonal Psalms, blessings, and the lyrics to the song, Rock of Ages.

Download and print the guided study:

Oil For Chanukah pdf

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