Chametz & Matzah

Matzah = מַצָּה 

Chametz = חָמֵץ 


These “breads” contain the same Hebrew letters, save one. Both have a mem and a tzade. But matzah ends with a heh, and chametz begins with a chet. These two letters look so much alike that they are often confused. Heh has a small opening on the upper left, and is expressed as a breathy “h.” Chet has no such window, and is expressed as a hard, guttural “kh.”  The difference between these letters could be said to be a soft or hard expulsion of air. Chametz is hard, and matzah is soft. But like their differing letters, are often confused. 

On the flip side, the difference between the actual breads of matzah and chametz, have the opposite connotations. Chametz is associated more with soft, airy puffed up bread; whereas matzah is associated with dry, dense, hard bread. 

And, so it is to the soul. Chametz (soft) is more desired by the nephesh, while matzah is more loathed (hard). That is the illusion we must break free from at this season. 

The letters and sounds of these Hebrew words teach the nephesh the truth: matzah is truly the more delightful, soft “bread.” In the plural, matzot is spelled the same as mitzvot, the commandments, which also are a delight. “Help me walk in the path of Your mitzvot—for I delight in it.” (Psa 119:35  TLV) Whereas, chametz is the figure of what makes one hard, callus, and puffed up. Sweep the house clean. 


In this season, we remove chametz, and its beginnings or root, which is se’or (bread starters), from our homes and hearts. Every crumb must go and be burned before Pesach arrives. It’s searching diligently for and then releasing all the things that attaches us to the seeming luxuries of Mitzrayim (Egypt).

Yet, we struggle with discerning between matzah and chametz. Every year at this season, debates about what is actually chametz abound, confusing, especially, those new to this process. Varying traditions can make this even more difficult.  If this occurs with natural chametz, how much more so does it occur when it comes to spiritual chametz? 

In the past, I’ve thrown out things that I later discovered weren’t actually chametz, and in other times I kept things that I later discovered was chametz. Stop and think about that from a spiritual perspective. Haven’t we done the same when it comes to doctrines and traditions? 

The above doesn’t include the things that I accidentally overlooked. For example, one year, in the middle of the feast of Unleavened Bread, I found a full, unopened package of Oreo cookies on top of my refrigerator. (When you are vertically challenged and live with those that are not, don’t forget to check all the high places!)

All these natural things have taught me a lot about spiritual chametz. I doubt there has been a time when my house was truly free of (physical and spiritual) chametz. That doesn’t prevent me from trying to remove it; instead, it brings me humility as I approach Adonai with my efforts, and grace toward my brothers and sisters. This is what is needed before Passover arrives. The physical process is designed to teach and train one’s heart, and reveal what lurks in its depths. 

The difference between chametz and matzah is subtle. They are very close, yet very different. May the Father of Lights grant us wisdom to know the difference in the natural, and especially, in the spiritual realms this year! 

“He humbled you and let you be hungry, and fed you with manna which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, that He might make you understand that man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD.” (Deuteronomy 8:3, NASB)

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10 thoughts on “Chametz & Matzah

  1. I often ponder the difference between the physical Torah and the heart of Torah. Your blog beautifully describes both.

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  2. angelalk123

    I needed to hear that and there was a moment when I stopped and sighed and said oh dear Lord, I love her, please pour your blessings over her. You’re very special Kisha, Abba gifted you with words just at the right time 🙂
    Your sister,
    Angela Karing
    Abba is calling us to move to Tennessee to join with Jacobs tent. You once told me, you also, had a time of isolation. And that I have family, brothers and sisters, I just haven’t met them yet. We move May 1 to go join with them…praise the Lord He is so good to us 💕 thank you for being an encourager!
    Angela Karing

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    • Thanks so much Angela! Please keep me posted about your move. We aren’t too far from there, and quite a few locals attend Jacob’s Tent. You will love being in such a large and diverse community. 😍 praying favor all around as you move to a new place.

      When you are settled, you will have to come visit us for a new moon or Shabbat. 👏

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  3. Melissa

    Love 💗
    Shared it with my congregation!
    Miss your face my friend 💜💙🥖🍞

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  4. As we have been studying the fire offerings these last few weeks, I was drawn to focus on the Minchah grain offering, “a MOST holy part of the gifts to YHVH” and I brought all the individual ingredients with premade matzah to share with the children (even though it’s early!). I wanted to bring attention to the frankincense especially, which originates from the Hebrew root word for HEART, so we experienced the smell of the oil and incense. One little girl didn’t much care for the burning scent of that!
    ALL the frankincense, ALL the heart… is taken up and burned on the altar. To me this seems to represent the surrendering of my own deceptive desires in my heart so that He can replace those with the pure desires of His Heart, represented in His daily bread, HIs Words, His Instructions, His Yeshua, which we must consume regularly.

    “A person has joy in an appropriate answer – how good is a timely word!” Proverbs 15:23

    Thank you Kisha, for confirming our focus in this season! May the grace of Yeshua, the love of Elohim and the Ruach HaKodesh be with you all this Pesach as we await and eagerly expect deliverance!
    1 Corinthians 5:7-8

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    • So beautiful! I love the demonstration you did with your children on the minchah. Especially, how the frankincense relates to the heart! I know you blog/write too. Did you write about this? If so, please share the link in this comment thread so I and others can read it. Love all these connections.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment too, I haven’t had time to do that much for others as of late.


  5. mothercaroline

    I would like to email one of your blogs. How can I do that?

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    • You can copy and paste and add the link to the post, or copy the link to the post and put it in the email (you do this by copying the address in your browser while on the post you want to link). Either way should work. 😊

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