The Perfect Bond of Unity HNR

In preparation for Elul and the Women of Valor conference last weekend, I delivered a message called “The Perfect Bond of Unity.” That message was both audio and video recorded, and I will share them soon on Grace in Torah. But today, I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Deb Wiley Gold and Miriam Stalsworth on their Hebrew Nation Radio program: Faith in Focus. We discussed the month of Elul and the perfect bond of unity and had a lively discussion.

You can listen here:

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Bond of Unity HNR

  1. Thank you for sharing this vital teaching for the season, what a blessing to hear it twice! As I read Psalm 27 every morning and evening I am deeply impressed by the repetition of saying/believing with all our hearts, souls and minds that He is our Redeemer, our Savior and no matter what our enemies have planned, in the end we will be lifted up with Him. This righteous thinking can help us choose to love now, at all times, because especially love will remain in His Glorious, Awesome Presence.

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  2. Kathy Prasker

    Loved this message, Kisha!

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  3. Colleen

    As we change, surely it should be more and more in the likeness in Messiah, and therefore, surely that will bring more unity within the Body?

    It’s interesting that Grant Luton in his book, In His Own Words, defines love as follows: – Most people think that the opposite of love is hate. This is incorrect. The opposite of hate is affection. Affection and hate are emotions, but love isn’t. Love is much more than mere affection. Love is actually denying one’s self for the sake of another. The opposite of love is selfishness. We show love for God by turning from our own selfish desires to fulfil His will. This is why the Master said, ‘Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me.

    This helps understand the sacrificial love of da’at.

    But I do have a question about this unity because one has to be discerning as to whom and which body one is gathered to, surely?


    • Shalom Colleen,

      As for your first question, that’s an emphatic yes!, which is exactly what Col. 3:10 states. The more we are conformed into His image, the more our love for others and Him will be sacrificial, which unifies the Body. The problem is that too often, people are more concerned about trying to change or conform others rather than on examining themselves, repenting, and then changing. This creates division, strife, and just coldness towards others. I agree with Grant Luton. Hate is a symptom of fear, and is very selfish. Da’at or sacrificial love, and even perfect love is not without discernment or boundaries – I apologize that this fact didn’t come through on the program. I tried to stress this with the analogy of ligaments. Da’at is divinely restrictive and yet flexible like the bond of a ligament with balance being the key.

      Thank you for the feedback!


    • Colleen,

      Per your last request, can you send me an email at ?
      Otherwise, when I respond it automatically will make your comment and mine appear publicly.
      Love, Kisha


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