The Captive Woman

This audio recording is from the recent Women of Valor conference in NC. It is about a segment from this week’s Torah Portion, Ki Tetzei (When you go out). Shabbat Shalom!


See PDF below for slides:

The Captive Woman WOV 2022


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8 thoughts on “The Captive Woman

  1. Elsie Cesar

    Thank you for sharing this teaching. Perfect timing for my life. I appreciate you!


  2. geigerds

    Thank you so much! Shabbat Shalom sister 🙏🏻❤️🌻

    Serena Geiger CRNA, MSN, ARNP



  3. Erica DeNeve

    It was so good, and I was just reading through my notes as we were listening to another teaching on it. I was literally just lamenting that I didn’t have a recording of it, and here it is. Thanks so much!

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  4. sedeneve

    I thought it didn’t record my last reply after logging in lol, so you get 2


  5. Bonnie S Agee

    Awesome teaching thank you so much Kisha for sharing!

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  6. This is such a great teaching. Thank you for sharing! I just listened to a Rabbi teach about the tribes and their blessings/personalities, which is timely with your mention of the commonality of Benjamen and Joseph with the Yefat To’ar. Benjamen – the hungry one, always seeking to find the beauty in everything//situations. And Joseph, as the survivor who chose not to be a victim (which our lower soul loves to be), but rather paints the picture of resiliency and forgiveness. His suffering produced so much fruit!


  7. Author Tekoa Manning

    Thank you, Kisha. I fell asleep last night listening to your voice and woke up and finished the last half. You’ve given us much to meditate on concerning the captive woman. Rethinking our armor and the beautiful woman. Joseph, Rachel, and Esther– a beauty contest is what we are all trying to do right now by cleansing the inside.
    Oh, how I wish I could have been there for this teaching and hugged your neck. Loving those who love us is easy and also very beautiful if it is reciprocated. Loving our enemies, even those like Joseph’s brothers, is much harder.
    I’m wondering if Rachel, name meaning Ewe/lamb. Suggest being taken captive and sacrificed. Abarim Publications has an interesting message concerning her name:

    The name Rachel means Ewe. Still, it must be noted that sheep and such are mentioned very often in the Bible — Israel was an agricultural society, after all — yet our word occurs only four times. This suggests that it doesn’t simply refer to any old ewe but rather a special kind or one in a rare fix. What fix that might be is unknown, but it this rare word that is so famously used in Isaiah 53:7: “Like a sheep — רחל (rahel) — that is silent before its shearers, so did he not open his mouth”.


  8. Lori Doldo

    Dear Kisha, this is so very interesting. An eye opener for someone who takes it literal. Even though I know there’s more Spiritual. How do you see those things ? If it wasn’t for you wonderful women teaching , I know I would have no idea what is really going on . This is my Torah portion September 17 th . So it’s very good . How do we go forward ? You said lay it at Hid feet every day . How do we do that? Thank you for your time . This is very interesting. I want to be set free . Blessings Lori


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