New Moon of Tevet in Jerusalem

Chag Sameach Chanukah and Chodesh Tov Tevet!

I am blessed to be in the Land of the King for two weeks. It’s been cold and rainy in Jerusalem, but it’s only made the streets of gold glisten all the more! These photos are from erev Shabbat last night.

Kotel, Erev Shabbat 6th Night of Chanukah 2018 © K. Gallagher
Chanukiah Lights outside homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.
© K. Gallagher

I prerecorded a video for the tenth month of Tevet before I left for Israel. Sadly, when I tried to upload to YouTube tonight, the audio had issues that I could not repair. If I am able, I will record again while I’m in the Land. If not, I’ll post the video later this month after I return home. Meanwhile, may Adonai bless your tenth month of Tevet!

Want to experience the Holy Land for yourself? Join Dr. Hollisa Alewine of The Creation Gospel this Passover in Israel! Click here for details. 😀

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4 thoughts on “New Moon of Tevet in Jerusalem

  1. Ariel Joy

    Blessing your time in the Land and this month with discernment, generosity and sacrificial love. May we gaze at the light with great hope and faith as darkness continues to descend, knowing the victory is His and already won! Looking forward to your new posts and glad to have much to review in the meantime.

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  2. You’re so very blessed. 💕 I couldn’t imagine the overwhelming excitement and happiness to be in Israel! Thank you for sharing the precious photos. My heart cries for home.🕎✡️♥️

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  3. Elizabeth

    Still eagerly awaiting your words about Tevet! Hope your trip was lovely!

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