*Free Chapter* Sickness & Disease

Enjoy this free chapter from the book Doctrines and Demons Part 1 from author Tekoa (Bonnie) Manning. (: It will give you plenty to ponder about on sickness and disease. I also encourage you to purchase the whole book as it brings clarity to several areas.

Obadiah's Cave

tree in dessert 2

When I was severally sick with a neurological disease and fibromyalgia, I began to attend a small church with a kind pastor.  I noticed the pastor often looked at me, my cane and my wobbly legs strangely.  On one occasion he prayed for me; it was a loud boisterous prayer, “Lord, get to the root of this sickness, the very root!”  I felt as if the root he may have been referring to was my sin.  He had suggested more than once to me, that sickness can be a spiritual issue.  I wondered if he thought the root was something evil in my life like pride, lust or anger.  I remembered the scripture in Timothy about laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover.  It also said, “And if they have SINNED it shall be FORGIVEN them.” (James 5:13-15 KJV)

Many well-known Evangelist and pastors had prayed over me…

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