‘Unity’ does not mean ‘Homogenous’

This article by Pete Rambo gives a wonderful analogy of what the real meaning of being echad or one (Unity) is from a Hebraic perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


We have the luxury of having milk goats and therefore, fresh milk.  One of the interesting things about fresh milk is that the cream rises to the top.milk  Most know this, however, the dairy industry has virtually erased the examples from our refrigerators by taking some cream off the milk, then homogenizing the rest.

The process of homogenizing is a bit violent in that the milk is processed in such a manner that the fat globules in the remaining cream are broken up to such a degree that they will remain suspended in the milk rather than rise to the top.  As such, every tablespoon of milk, from top to bottom in a gallon will look exactly the same.  supposedly, consumers like this.

Me?  I know better.  I love skimming cream off of the top of a couple quarts of fresh milk for my coffee, or to enrichen some…

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3 thoughts on “‘Unity’ does not mean ‘Homogenous’

  1. Thank you for the reblog!! Shalom and blessings!


  2. Gary Elkins

    My thoughts on unity are this. As long as we have people who are carnal and selfish (therfore self seeking) in our ranks there will continue to be a measure of disunity among us as there has always been. All we have to do is look at the generation in the wilderness and the problems that arose during that time of testing. The same was true with the assembly at Corinth that Saul ministered to and continues to be so even now.


    • Thanks for your thoughts! I can’t disagree with you, Gary. There are many angles to consider when you start looking at the prism of unity and what you mentioned is, sadly, true.

      Lately, I see a lot of “disunity” as a result of some demanding everyone conform unto their personal idea/view/tradition of how to walk out the commandments. I know my walk and even my “beliefs” have changed since I first began following the Messiah. Therefore, I should expect the same of others. I have no illusions that we will reach a utopia this side of the world to come. But, I do have more mercy with my fellow sojourners than I used to. I now realize that everyone doesn’t have to be at the same place on the journey and it’s ok. That’s where I think we can improve on being echad. As long as we are trying to reach the same goal and serving the same Master, we must find a way that allows for diversity WITHIN the safe boundaries of Torah. And we must allow the babes to mature without beating them to death when they (ignorantly) color outside those lines. Love of the brethren, not love of being right, must be what motivates us.

      This has been on my heart as of late. But that in no way means I’m sticking my head in the sand or compromising my walk as I extend mercy. I really believe we can walk in truth while loving and extending great mercy like Yeshua did. But it is difficult to do this while donning this body of flesh! We tend to want to go to one extreme or the other (extreme isolation or extreme compromise). My hope is that we find the balance between these extremes.



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