Overcome by a Rainbow

rainbow and the throne

I can’t help myself. I have to explore the glorious rainbow a little further. I stumbled across a video on YouTube that left me speechless. The man’s reaction in the video is… contagious. His unbridled emotions upon seeing, or better yet, EXPERIENCING a double rainbow has moved me so deeply that I have to extend this topic. PLEASE take the time to watch this 3 minute video and ask yourself if you’ve ever been so completely overwhelmed by God’s creation. I think the only time I’ve ever came this close was with the birth of a child.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI

Did you notice his question? While overcome with the majesty of God’s bow, he kept repeating, “What does it mean?” This man realizes that this rainbow was placed in the heavens just for him. He is humbled and awed to TEARS. The wonderment he experiences overcomes him completely.

While I couldn’t see this double bow in all its vividness and glory due to the camera’s limitations, this man’s response was so passionate — so worshipful – that tears poured down my face as well. While my research has deeply affected my thoughts on rainbows, this man’s response will forever be etched into my soul.

We know what the rainbow “means”. It is the sign of YHWH’s covenant with us. It is a picture of God’s glory, His majesty, His essence. But perhaps even more striking is that it is the closest thing on earth to standing in His presence at His throne!

What will our response be when we stand in His presence? I think it will be similar to this man’s reaction to the rainbow — with one exception. Our response will be far more exuberant — wow. Even those that never knew the King of Glory in this life will buckle to the ground in awe and adoration. And they will be pierced through with what it all “means” and will also be screaming, “OH MY GOD!”

I’ll post more on the rainbow soon, but I couldn’t wait to share this little piece. Since this video has about 37 million views, you may have watched it in the past. I urge you to “see” it again and be moved by the enormity of love found in the covenant YHWH has made with us.

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6 thoughts on “Overcome by a Rainbow

  1. Nice

    Sister, I’ve seen double rainbows in Hawaii and they are truly magnificent! Thanks for sharing! Love you!


  2. Hephzibah Bradshaw


    Thanks for sharing.


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  3. Kedoshim Ministries

    Now Im crying too! Thanks for sharing.


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  5. LCherry

    Shabbat Shalom my Sister – A couple of years ago and me and friend was sitting in my car after brunch having a conversation. You can tell that we may expected rain later but while we were talking, a rainbow began to appear right in front of us. Then I began asking the Father, can we see a double rainbow? All of a sudden another rainbow began to appear. We both got out of the car and my friend began to attempt to capture it on her phone. I on the other hand felt this presence to where I was afraid but in awe. I felt as if The Most High God was making His presence known. I was perplexed. I wanted to get back in my car because it was so close and at the same time, I wanted to fall to the ground face down because of how I was feeling. The both of us kept asking the Father, what does this mean? I will never forget how I felt and afterwards, I came home and immediately goggled about the meaning of a double rainbow and I came across the video that you mentioned. I was crying in such a manner because I completely understood what that man was feeling! My girlfriend went home and created a poem about our experience. I will never forget that moment! I am not sure if you are aware but that gentleman has passed away and when I found out, I knew he would completely understand why the rainbows happened the way they did. Thank you for your commentary. Shalom Shalom!

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