Searchin for YOU

One of my favorite music artists, Matisyahu, put out a new album earlier this year called Spark Seeker. In it, there is a song called Searchin that I absolutely love. I know musical taste is subjective; and mine is all over the place. But this song has some profound things to say. Here is the main chorus:

I’ve been searching for you

I’ve been searching far and wide

I’ve been searching for you All my life, my life

It is obvious who he is “searchin” for — the King of the Universe! Then, in a mechanical type of voice, you hear the Bal Shem Tov’s words (read carefully):

In the earth there are so many wonderful treasures

And if you know where to dig you’ll find gold and diamonds and silver

And all kinds of treasures

But if you don’t know where to dig, all you’ll find is rock and dirt

A rebbe is the geologist of the soul

He can show you where to dig, and what to dig for

But the digging you must do yourself.

The digging you must do yourself.

There is MUCH wisdom in his words. A rebbe is a “teacher”; and as such, he/she points out what is holy and what is profane. But ultimately, it is us as individuals that must do the digging if we are to receive any benefit or treasure from the Word. Those that prefer to be spoon fed will find in the end that all they have is rocks and dirt. Even one gem or golden nugget is worth more than many buckets of dust.

A good teacher demonstrates to us how to search or mine out the many wondrous things in the Word for ourselves. They inspire us to dig deeper and search harder. It is in this process that the Word comes alive and changes our hearts and minds. I urge each of you to start digging even if your only tool is a spoon. If you work hard enough; even a small spoon can remove a large stumbling block or excavate a precious ruby.

The bottom line is desire. If we really believe something or really want something, it is within our nature to pursue with diligence. My hope is that we are striving for what is righteous and not the lusts of our flesh.

The digging you must do yourself. No one can do it for you.

Here is the song:

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